The True Secret Of Creating An Internet Lifestyle Business Is Out!

How To Easily Pump Out Hot Little Info-Products That Sell Like Crazy, Add Buyers To Your List... & Wake Up To Find Payments In Your Inbox Every Morning!

... With A Step-By-Step Blueprint So Simple & Effective, I'd Even Teach It To My Mom!


From: Stuart Stirling, Windy Mountains of Northern Japan
Wednesday, 11:48 am

Dear Marketing Friend,

"Internet lifestyle" my butt! I struggled and made almost NOTHING for years.

I'd work 10 hours at my job that I hated, then come home and work online until I could sometimes hear the birds wake up at 4am in the morning.

This went on for almost 2 years... I was living on fumes everyday... because I'd been busy 'working' on my internet business the night before...

I'd even spend every weekend too - in front of the computer, from the time I woke up, to the time I went to sleep - hoping I'd one day crack the code to earning thousands online.

Finally, I did, but only after trying and failing at many things, and coming across one thing I will tell you more about later...

Maybe you've been where I was, too. Struggling. Frustrated. Angry that you couldn't get anything to work and pay you the income you want.

Maybe you're there right now?

The crazy thing is, I was doing the same stuff over and over again and expecting to get different results... It was insanity!!

This Wasn’t The 'Internet Lifestyle' I Was Promised By The Guru's!!

I’m ashamed and embarrassed to admit I wasted so much time and that it took me so long to finally get it.

It was only when a true internet marketing genius turned around and simplified internet marketing for me... that things finally clicked.

He told me internet marketing was as simple as bringing an offer and a buyer together. Those simple words changed my life forever.

All you got to do is...

Sell Simple Digital Products People Are Desperately Wanting To Buy!

The unfortunate thing is it's so simple most marketers step right over the advice, ignore it and keep on failing...

So I’m going to be ridiculously frank with you today and spell it out.

I'm going to simplify EVERYTHING for you.

Like this internet legend did for me.

If you’re looking for magic buttons and push button solutions then still haven't grown out of internet marketing kindergarten this really isn't for you.

What I’m sharing today doesn’t use magic tricks. There are no gimmicks, there is no psycho babble here just good old fashioned money-making advice.

Because all you have to do is learn how to craft an offer that people want (digital downloadable products are the best), create a buy button and put people in front of it.

That’s it. That’s everything. That’s all you need to do to run a successful, automated online business.

You make someone an offer, they buy (even when you're asleep), and you get paid.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Amazon, Walmart, a local business or – the guru’s guru – Dan Kennedy.

The $10, $20 and $40 purchases add up. And that's just talking 'front-end' sales.

There is plenty of money to be made selling digital information marketing....

After all, it is...

A $62 Billion Industry

And it's showing no signs of slowing down. People are feeding on information like never before. And with technology how it is today, there is just going to be more demand for it as time goes on.

62 billion dollar industry

If seeing that figure doesn't get you excited, you'd better check your pulse. You might be dead!

However, the more mind-blowing fact is that that money is anyone's, even yours to grab a piece of.

What if you could only grab a fraction of those billions that are being transacted every single year?

Even if you got just 0.0001% of it. Let's be ultra conservative here. That's a $62,000 per year business right there. How would that affect your current living situation?

Maybe even change your life forever?

And deep down you know this to be true because you’re reading this sales letter, like you’ve read dozens in the past, clicked on the buy button, made the transaction and been through the process.

Now, let's flip the switch and move you from 'buyer' to 'SELLER'.

It's time to create your own digital online empire.

With a system so honest, so simple that...

If My Mother Was Starting An Internet Business Today, This Is EXACTLY Where I Would Teach Her To Start…

This is hand on my heart time…

If my mother asked me how to make money on the internet, starting today I'd tell her to follow this digital info-product business model.

Step by step.

And remember, she’s over 60 years old so it'd mean:

  • A low, low budget to start (less than $100)...
  • Fast success so she doesn't get frustrated…
  • Earn a profit, (after any expenses)...
  • Build a buyers list (the best kind of list)...
  • Getting others sending targeted traffic…
  • Not worrying about product delivering (needs to be automated)...
There aren't a lot of online business models that can tick all those boxes...

But there is one. Can you guess?

It's Selling Digital Info-Products Online!

It's the perfect online business for people who want to create a hands-free online business and earn honest income.

  • It's EVERGREEN (It will NOT be going away next year)
  • It can be almost completely automated (set & forget)
  • You don't need to be a professional writer
  • You don't even need to create your own products
  • It can be started with a very low budget
  • There is no end to new information - your customers will become repeat buyers

Sounds like the perfect 'Internet lifestyle business' all the gurus and marketers are talking about, doesn't it? It is.

If you'd like to know how to create a business like this... that makes money while you sleep... is almost completely "set & forget".... and income you can rely on for years and decades to come...

Buckle up because I'm going to give you my the EXACT 'digital publishing' business formula, broken down, step by step.

Like I said, if my mom told me she wants to start an internet business and earn money online, this is the formula I would teach her.

Now You Too Can Live The Internet Lifestyle & Make Money While You Sleep!

The Digital Info-Publishing Blueprint For Building Your Dream Internet Business!!

There are so many ways to make money online - from offering a service to selling t-shirts. But I've found NONE that are as hands-free and lucrative as running a digital info publishing business.

This is one of the few internet businesses will let you truly live the internet lifestyle.

It can be completely automated so you can spend time with your family, chill out at the beach or laze around the house and still get paid and build a list of happy customers. But most importantly, it's simple, low cost and you don't need cold call or 'hard sell' anyone.

If this sounds like the perfect business for you, I want to give you the chance to invest in my Digital Publishing Riches blueprint so you can start with all the information you need to succeed fast!

You're about to discover....
  • How to stop trading time for dollars and create an automated business that pays you while you sleep
  • How to tap into the powerful 'inner force' that's really drives you to succeed online
  • How to find out EXACTLY what your market wants AND make money offering simple solutions
  • The 4 things you need to start selling right away
  • How to ethically and helpfully get customers pulling out their credit card and sending money your way
  • The 4 pillars of niche selection. Do this and you'll love every minute you spend on your business
  • How to turn physical products into information products
  • 6 ways to leverage and profit from Amazon
  • 2 ways to make better selling products than your competition
  • How to find hidden niches by skimming forums that are gold mines waiting to be discovered
  • The one BIG thing every product you sell must do to create repeat customers
  • 7 simple ways to generate profit grabbing ideas, even if you have the creativity of a garden gnome
  • How to find out if your niche is a dead duck before you start (this will save you weeks of potential heartache)
  • The 3 types of products to seek out when choosing a niche and how to turn them into residual income for you
  • When to be afraid and how to avoid a niche destined for failure
  • The free 'wonder tool' every product creators needs
  • How to steal winning product and promotion ideas from Facebook
  • The easiest way to keep on track and avoid distraction
  • The 3 documents you should use to create your product
  • Why your product is better than any million dollar idea
  • A secret formula so your product literally writes itself
  • Why you don't need to be a great writer (even if you hate writing) to create great products
  • The single best way to improve and edit your info-product
  • How to create products using other peoples information without the fear of plagiarism
  • The 11 step checklist for writing sales copy even if your not a copywriter
  • The quickest and easiest profit pulling headlines to write
  • How to increase conversions and make more sales
  • A simple test to create killer bullets and hard hitting benefits
  • How to sell without any social proof
  • The real secret to attracting affiliates who drive hoards of traffic
  • How to grow your list from other people's lists
  • Why Google doesn't have all the traffic
  • How to plan out a profitable back-end and follow-up e-mail sequence (here's where the real money is)
  • The sneaky little 'Thankyou page' formula to extract easy profits
  • 3 easy ways to craft money grabbing back-end products
  • How to increase your cash flow and get buyers to keep buying your products (repeat customers is a huge secret to success)
  • The simple 2-step tweak I do with my products that makes me an extra 4-figures of income a month. No other marketer is talking about this!

Imagine Turning Simple Ebooks Into $5000 Per Month... & All Those Buyers On Your List?!

I love being an info-product marketer. This is what the 'Internet Lifestyle' is all about.

Waking up to emails like "Congratulations! You Just Made A Sale!" NEVER GETS OLD.

There only one thing that's just as good, if not better...

It's sending an email to my buyers list and watching the cash register ring.

Don't get me wrong. My list is like gold to me. Because when I take care of my buyers... they take care of me.

The Real Profits Are In 'Repeat Buyers'

That's the real beauty of this business. With a list of buyers, you can expect them to buy and buy again. Some of them will buy ALL of your products.

This is where you'll find the REAL riches from your info product business. This is how you can pay your mortgage, your bills and your luxury holidays.
Every time I launch a new product I make sales and I notice repeat buyers.
Not only that, each product I release gets me noticed. I get affiliates and I get buyers, without even trying.

All thanks to my system which I share in the Digital Publishing Riches course.

You Don't Need To Invest $500 For This Training....

If you were to go out and spend $500 on some fancy coaching right now, guess what'd happen?

They'd be showing you the exact same method I'm revealing inside my super simple course. In fact, I know they would because I've paid that and more.

I'm not knocking coaching and mentoring. I think it's a great way to keep on track. But not everyone wants to dish out that much money for coaching.

(By the way, some of this is "advanced stuff" the gurus often keep out of their high dollar courses and only reserve for one-on-one coaching students.)

Once you get your hands on the PDF guide and 10 set MP3 course, which is waiting for you on the download page, you can immediately start learning and implementing my system.

This is the guide I wish I had years ago! It will cut months off your learning curve and save you hours of frustrating late nights banging your head against the wall - not to mention lost money trying to get it right.

Digital Publishing Riches covers all the gritty details of how to set up your own successful information marketing business.

You'll get deep insights. I reveal to you the real secrets of building a truly automated info-product business that can and will turn the tables for you when you implement it.

You're Backed By My 30-Day
100% Money Back Guarantee

That's right. If you don't think this is worth at least 10x the price that you paid, and you don't see how this can help you sell more info products after following the steps I lay out, then I don't want your money.

In fact, I insist that if you don't make at least 10x back within 60 days what you invest in this course right now, that you contact me for a full refund. And of course, you'll get a prompt and courteous refund.

But I believe this course will provide you with the knowledge and steps to finally start earning a great income online. You may even want to send me more money because you feel guilt for getting this so cheap.

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Real $27 value - Free access when you grab this offer today!

Start A True 'Internet Lifestyle' Business That Creates Reliable Automated Income!

What's it going to be?

Stay on the sidelines as a 'buyer' of ebooks or are you going to get serious and get in the game?

Don't you think you owe it to yourself to learn how to create a business online that runs almost completely on auto-pilot, selling products your customers love? To be able to 'wake up to money' and having buyers added to your list, who will buy from you over and over again?

Get your copy of the 54 page step-by-step PDF guide for just $27.00!

Click the order button to download "Digital Publishing Riches" now.

Download Your Copy Today!

Digital Publishing Riches

Don't let the low price tag fool you! This course is easily worth 5 times that price. This course is easily worth $97. I simply want to make it affordable so anyone who is serious about starting an info-publishing business can. However, I can't guarantee that price will be this low forever! If you come back tomorrow, the price may have doubled!

To your Internet Lifestyle!

Stuart Stirling
Stuart Stirling
P.S. If you're ready to create a business that works almost completely on auto-pilot and is scalable to earn you $5000, $10000, or even $20000 a month... get started with "Digital Publishing Riches" now!


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